Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes ! I had a dream.........

Yes I had a dream before I came here, so many aspiration keeping all the flowery imagination right in front of me. Holding those wishes and dreams in my fist I start walking without acknowledging the other dark side of the story.
I hate to say the word repentent and remorse......but some time we human beings intend with such phases of circumstances that we never imagined, cannot escaped from such word . I know what is happening to me at present and I can predict little bit of the next as present moment will shape the future although we cannot imagine what will happen next.
As my father used to say "dream big" someday your big dream will take you to your destination, and still those words are lingering in my heart and mind. But , unfortunately my hope is dessiminating day by day as the flow is not going into the right direction.
I know , to reach the goal one needs to sacrifice many things. And some time we have to be tough to overcome certain phases which mostly made their heartache.I do not know what is next but I am preparing for the worst as things could be worser than what i ever thought but my heart is still filled with hopes and desire.
Is this called a life, or is this a part of my struggle. Well no one has escaped from the up and down phases of life, who knows my my condition is nothing comparable than someone's grief.
But I do beleive in myself and I know something good will turn out. This is how we mend out broken heart but still I am not broken and still I can fly. So why do I have to worry about and make the environment pollution. No .........
These are the phases which we all need to handle carefully and overcome smartly. And I know I have to be strong to handle this small small matter to become something big one as my father used to say "Dream Big" and I still follow that echo of my father's voice.

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