Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me and my Journey of day to day life, with my Korean frens.

How to, yes one of my sub editor freind of The University Life called me up today as she wanted to get my writeup for the upcomming publication soon. As she and her collegues were trying so hard to wind-up soon.Cos, the session will be starting from March and we foreign student of IIE is going to get vacation of this particular period.

As she want me to have the photo session in the street with some facts related with the story which I have written on the article. So we went out at the Main gate of the university to chase the couples carrying handbags heheh , it was a bit strange and funny running after each and every couples to get take the pictures without letting them know that we are taking picture with them.

Ah, we passed that session once we realised that the battery of the camera was going low. We went back to their office and then ready for another session to go outside to have the dinner party. As one of their staff member graduated today so they were giving a kind of party.

Well it is fun to hangout with my new frens as we always try to communicate with the new version of Kong-english.And reached the spot where we are suppose to have the dinner. Well I am almost ready to have as I was starving but oops.................
I cannot as I do not eat pork.........

Well i have to be the observer of the day as I cannot order other things apart from cooked rice hehheheh......but it is really fun to have and be a part of the crowd cos they forget everything and focus on how they have to spend happily one another.

Today I had a nice time with them without having meal and enjoying their party.

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