Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Legendary ties between Korea-India : An enormous Culture which both Countries have.

When I start studying about Korea first time in India I encounter one of interesting legendary about The Mysterious country of India and The dynamic country of Korea. As we all know that Buddhism started from India and it has spread every where specially in the East Asian countries.But, unfortunately Buddhism has not able to flourish much in India where it was born. We learned about how a Buddhist monk went to the other part of the world to flourished the idea and philosophy of Buddhism. But one of the most intersting part was the legendary story of Ayodhya princess and the Korean King Suro.

That's how we started our Korean studies, it was very tactful and enthusiastic ways of our professor who introduced us in the very first day and proceed our classes on Korean history and society. I was so amazed by the story and the very next day i started exploring the internet to know more about the story. Because there was geographically distance from India to Korea and there are various country in between both the countries.

Anyway , the destiny has bring both the countries to have a connection somehow and it happened to be like these. Both the countires suffered from the big powerful countries like Japan and England. Both the countries has undergone from the various phases and come out as a winner. Both the countires acheived their freedom of the very same day i.e 15th August. And both the countries has seperated their parts and formed South Korea and North Korea on the otherhand India and Pakistan.

Above all these, India Korea started their political relation during the regin of Prime Minister Narsimha Rao.And became the first Prime Minister who visited Korea and make a strong ties in the field of political and trade relationship. And this year the President of Korea beame the guest of India's Republic day and signed some of the agreement between India and Korea for the progressive opportunities in the near future.

Today , again while having cultural discussion with other friends in my class the Korean teacher asked about the relationship between India and Korea, which has reminded me of date back of King Suro of Gaya Kingdom and his legendary story and how it developed India Korea ties.

Check this video to see the beautiful relationship between India and Korea


Deepak Thokchom said...

good post.......... interesting..........

nikki said...

hey good blog and i like this one The Mysterious country of India and The dynamic country of Korea. such a good line. keep bloging..

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