Wednesday, February 17, 2010


.............Bow down towards one another when we meet someone who is either senior to us or the respected one. Kind of impressive culture Korea has been retaining. As we all have something or other value attach with our own roots but what made me so amazed is that, Korean are so homogenous when it comes the matter of Etiquette.
I still remember the day when i asked so surprisingly to my Indian professor about the Korean lifestyle, as he was narrating us how he spend his days in Seoul city with the Korean freinds.
There were many things which made us shocked as it was really different from our culture. Like asking question is the class which is not so popular in korean classes. Taking permission to meet the professors as well as for the attendence. Well these are the things which made identicle from one society to another society.

Well it was the day when my korean language teacher taught us the etiquette of having drinks together with the professor and how the students have to behave infron tof the professors as well as to the seniors. Initially some of the student including me were so surprised to know that the student can have drinks with the teacher, but when we go into deeper there was something which is quite good about the relationship between tht tacher and the student. Weall sometime it is depend on how we perceived but culture is after all culture and there is no harm in learn because this culture is very common in Korea.

But we were just wondering will it be possible to do so, but yes it is. There are various formalities which they maintain but when it comes to have party they all take part whole-heartedly. And especially for student it is a must to attend when the professor giving the treat. The word "khamsa-hapnida" "Swesong-hapnida" "Aniyeyo" these are are the common word which the korean yoused all the time and made it so polite to the listener that it can able to fixed the broken heart to agressive one also.
We all does these kind of etiquette, but not so regularly. But here it has become a compusion in daily basis, where one cannot get a change to get angry. I am glad to observe this culture here , as we can follow the manner of pleasing others by these kind of etiquette.

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