Friday, February 5, 2010

Now its Indian turn to mesmerised the soft power to the Korean viewer's

Both India and Korea are aiming to boost the economy, military and cultural ties and for this culture speciall the visual arts are the most powerful instruments to chase the audiences.

International Indian film festival (IIFA Awards)

India is the largest country who produce most of the movies in the world. And One of the largest Indian film festivals, the International Indian Film Academy Awards, is going to held in Seoul, South Korea.
According to the Korea Tourism Organization, the IIFA began in 2000 to promote worldwide appreciation of Indian movies and held in a different international city every year, "usually draws some 1,500 movie industry figures, 300 global journalists and some 10,000 spectators." The New Delhi Office of KTO estimates the festival has boosted tourism to the host cities by about 30 percent, the Chosun Ilbo said. For Seoul, the four day festival should generate about 43 billion won or U.S. $37 million in tourism revenues and about $56 million of "promotional effects".

With the largest film industry in the world, India produces over 1,000 films every year. In 2008, about 3.7 billion film tickets were sold versus 1.4 billion tickets sold in the U.S., the Chosun Ilbo said.

"The IIFA Awards is the Indian movie industry's largest festival, tantamount to the U.S. Academy Awards," the Presidential Council on Nation Branding said.

Previously, the festival had been held in Britain, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and China. The city of Toronto is slated to host the IIFA Awards in June of 2011.

This could be a turning point to establish the closer relationship in all possible ways from both the countries.

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