Monday, February 15, 2010

Warm and Cosy in the chill Seoul City : when the birthday bash is in rocking..!

A moment to remember with all my classmates of Kunghee one year language course, on the day of Nanda my fren from Myanma r and Ammy Ron wife of my Mexican fren Ayax celebrating their birthday at Ayax place. I know this is gonna be a big memorable moment for all of us as we will be separting soon right after our class get over, as we all do not know where we will be landing. So guys let cheer up and treasure this precious moment of how we spend together like a naughty kids at the kinder garten school............I will misss you all but this picture will always refresh our mind.

Cake of the day before it got explode heheh !

Mixed and Match all kinda dishes

corean style of pose standing in front of the kamera (me and Eldor a fren from Kazak)

(Claudia from Chill, Nurul from Malaysia,Lita from Indonesia,Natasha from Russia and Monica from El Salvador)

Boyz pozing in front of the camera.(orhan from Turky, Ari from Indonesia, Ayax from Mexico and Eldor from Kazak)

Am writing the birthday wishes

Monika is posing in Honololo pose

Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeee

Ari busy writing something very seriously

How come this pic is here

"Ready to cut the cake"

"Twin birthday girl"

Finally everyone is there i guess, Ramiya from India, Nanda from Myanmar, Eldor from Kazak in first row
Second raw Natasha from Russia, Nurul from malaysia, Renuka from India,Lita from indonesia, Wnag Zi wa from China
Third raw Claudia from Chilli, Monica from Elsalvador,Ayax and His wife Ammy from Mexico n U.S
In Fourth rawAri from Indonesi and Orhan from Turkey.

Nanda and Ammy cekeberate their birthday on the same day at Ayax and Ammy's apartment at Guri. An unforgetable moment with freinds.........I will treasure this moment preciously.

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