Thursday, February 18, 2010

The power of Herbal and herbs

Black Basil Leaf , Most of the Indian consider as the sacred leaf and does prayer everyday and start their days. On the otherhand Basil leaf is quite good to healp in healing blisters, mouth alser, cough..etc

Rare Herbs which is found only in Manipur and manipuri loves enjoying the delicacies of such rare herbs as part of their meal item.



Yendem (Kelokesia)

Toning-Kok and Napakpi (well i have to find out the english name of these plants)

As there are people who loves eating vegetables rather than meat and somehow I also fall into this category.The funniest part is that right after I land down in Korea I have become almost vegetarian. Well this is quite challenging for me to survive with vegetables most of the time as most of my freinds prefer meat. And everytime when we discuss about food and culture, they always asked me "is it beacaue of religious ...?" nop, I do eat chicken sometime and I like fish. And the place where I have come from, prefer fish most of the time and most of the people like meat also. Eventhough, we eat all kind of seasonal vegetables which are quite rare in the other part of the world.

Well this could be my lack of knowledge to see the otherside of the world as recently I have acknowledge that most of the south east asian have similar food habits.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work, the tokningkhok is available in so many countries in English it called "Houttuynia cordata ‘Flore Pleno' " google it you can find a lot of information. I tried to buy once from Australia but shipping cost a lot so I will try in near future.
The napakpi is probably found in Manipur only.

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