Friday, February 26, 2010

"Winter Sonata" Factor : The South Korean so called television serial " Winter Sonata" became the ambasador of Korean Cultural wave and product.

With the 2002 hit TV series “Winter Sonata,” actor Bae Yong-Joon became an international star, now commanding a legion of non-Korean fans across Asia. In Japan, in particular, he created nothing less than a craze, earning the honorific nickname “Yonsama.” Although it has been quite a many years since “Winter Sonata,” Bae Yong-Joon’s popularity in Japan is still holding strong, if not actually growing. Wherever he goes in Japan, one can witness a crowd of Japanese fans crying out, “Ai Shiteru, Yonsama! (I love you, Yonsama!)”

On the occasion of “The Visit Korea Year,” this Bae Yong-Joon a.k.a. Yonsama starred in the TV advertisement to be aired in Japan, serving as Korea’s “Jeong (meaning “affection” or “emotional attachment” in Korean) Ambassador.”

The advertisement, themed around “Jeong,” portrays a scene where a beautiful hanbok-clad damsel offers to a handsome traveler in the mountain (of course, no other than our Yonsama) a bowl of crisp water with a willow leaf floating in it, so that the thirsty gentleman wouldn’t drink it too quickly, which could lead to chocking or some other unpleasant or painful experiences.

3 Themes 3 Videos the Korean tourism is trying to launch:It is not only for Japan that the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) created advertisements for. A total of three videos were made, strategically tailored according to regional differences in language and areas of interest.

Under the overarching theme “Korea, Inspiring,” the three videos target three different major regions – Europe and America, China and Southeast Asia, and Japan – with more specified themes of “Gi (Energy)”, “Heung (Excitement)”, and “Jeong (Affection)” for each region, respectively.

These “Visit Korea Year” promotional videos will be aired through major TV channels worldwide, including: NDTV of India, NTV and MBS of Japan, Peking TV and Shanghai TV of China among others.

Hope the videos will attract many, many people in the world to the beauties and wonders of Korea!

Well we can hope this time , the promotional theme will reachout every where. As for Indian, NDTV is one of the upcomming popular channel where most of the people watch news so hopefully Indians who are crazy after Korean product and nature can have look.

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