Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Role Model, My Hero: The person who drag me to be in South Korea.

The 16th president of South Korea,"Roh Moo-Hyun" one of the dynamic South Korean president whom i used to dream of meeting him but ubfortunately my dream has remain as a dream .........
I was so moved by his story, a simple but very powerful who became a shining star in the heart and mind of every Korean heart.
The immovable spirit who wins and shaped the image of Korea.
I salute to you Mr. President

This picture is not so clear as i have taken out from the newspaper, when i was at my university hostel in India.As I was so moved by his conduct, being a simple person who became a president of South Korea but his simplicity remain as the same . Right after he got retired from his post , he went back to his own village......this was really amazing for me not because once he was a big man but because of his conduct and simplicity.

The than demise South Korean president.

I was so excited and dreamt about visiting Korea someday and learn from them, my dream of meeting him remain as a dream but still I am not loosing hope. Because , I am right here and can see many things and to learn . Small but the capability to influence big countries. South Korea , one of the dynamic country in the world.

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likethenina said...

Agreed with the very last sentence. You're right, Korea is one of the most dynamic country in the world. Actually, in my opinion, too dynamic to keep everybody's position stable.
I'm not sure if it makes sense, anyway. Guess because of my rarely-spoken English...-_ -

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