Sunday, February 7, 2010

Memories from my treasure.

A trip to Seoraksan and Naksan beach

I was very hesitate to move ahead from this very moment...............this is what i thought before i land down here . But today all of sudden I got a mail along with the attachment from a person whom I do not even know. But the name sounds like a female. Whomever she may be but she send me a treasure .

A moment which I have shared with my freinds in Korea. We went to Seoraksan and Naksan beach where we all waited for the first glimpse of the sunrise to see it.Seoraksan trip was quite wonderful. I did not even get time to realized that time pass so quickly and today will be the memory of the future.The smell of those unspoken mountain of Mount Seoraksan and the fragrance of Naksan beech and the sound of the Buddhist Temples.

I wish someday again I go there with my freinds and my family. Specially when we climbed those Ajuma's and Ajassis . Oh the innocent smile who enthralled the onlookers and still the heart. I wish I can see them again .

The colour of leaves , the changing nature of the landscape, that's why most of the Korean loves mountaineering. No matter how old they are every season Korean's enjoy the gift of mother nature. Yes , I will always treasure such moment of mine and will carry when I go back to where I belong originally.

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