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The Rising Korean Women Entrepreneur-ship: 'Fascinating Storytelling to Make Seoul Cultural Hot Spot'

A Korean lady who carries charm and potentialites to win over the heart and mind of the people of Korea as well as the foreigners through her goodwill deeds. Who is she.......?

Recently I came to acknowlege about one of the powerful young women who is quite talented as well as preety and qualified in various field. She is non other than Park Jung-sook. She is a well-known expert on ``hallyu,'' the Korean Wave, having given presentations at Harvard, Columbia and Johns Hopkins. She is also a journalist, social entrepreneur and educator.For the past three years, she has been an adjunct professor at the Institute of International Education at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, teaching global leadership studies.
She also teaches cultural diplomacy for career diplomats at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security, the policy think-tank affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
She works extensively in both the public and private sector as the chief executive officer of the Asia Treasure Network, which helps children from ethnic minority groups through cultural awareness programs and other specialized services; it recently received a coveted designation by Seoul Mayor Oh Se-Hoon as one of the city's ``social enterprises.''

She became the first ever broadcaster to make the jump to acting when she played the role of Queen Munjeong in the hit drama "Jewel in the Palace" (2003), the highest rated Korean TV show across Asia.

She earned a master's degree from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, New York, in 2008.

After Korean soap operas and pop idols attracted Asian fans in the 1990s, the nation saw a unique group of visitors -- culture tourists.They are visiting Korea with the hope they get a taste in person of the land of the fascinating stories and iconic vista points.

Made-in-Korea cultural goods played a crucial role in shaping these explorers' impression that Korea is worth a visit.These explorers, however, had to deal with "a situation" where resources that can help their deeper understanding of the culture are really scarce."These foreign tourists tend to experience less here than they had thought at home, mainly because few interpretation services that can quench their curiosity were available," said Park Jung-sook, a professor of the Institute of International Education at Kyung Hee University in Seoul.
A television journalist-turned-Korean wave expert, Park is seen in numerous positions, both in the public and private sector, because of her extensive involvement in cultural activities and public relations.

She works with the Korean International Cooperation Agency as a goodwill ambassador and trains career diplomats on a cultural diplomacy course at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.Park also hosts a radio program, while continuing to work with The Korea Times as a goodwill ambassador.

Bridging the Gap: In early February, her business, Asian Treasure Network, was designated as one of 110 social enterprises by the Seoul City government.

For more information :

Kim Yu-na Triumphant in Long Program : The Pride of South Korea

Pride of of Korea

Kim Yu-na's Olympic triumph cements her status as the megastar of figure skating and the sport's most transcendent personality since Katarina Witt.

She became the first female figure skater to achieve the ``grand slam,'' winning the World Grand Prix Final, Four Continents Championships, World Championships and the Winter Olympics.She is the first South Korean to win an Olympic medal in figure skating, and gold at that, while setting a new world record in the process.

Todd Eldredge, the three-time Olympian, provides analysis from his home in Florida, and the Times reporter John Branch is sending updates from Vancouver. Joanne C. Gerstner and Lynn Zinser contributed insight as well.

Honestly, what I will remember most about this competition is that every single woman in the final group skated the best she could have skated. They all skated fantastic, and to do that in the Olympic Games is so difficult. To have so many great performance made the event so exciting.

It was awesome to see Kim Yu-na perform so well under all that pressure, to win her country’s first figure skating gold medal, that was cool to watch. She was already a rock star in South Korea and she will be even more so now.

Said Todd Eldredge.

"Winter Sonata" Factor : The South Korean so called television serial " Winter Sonata" became the ambasador of Korean Cultural wave and product.

With the 2002 hit TV series “Winter Sonata,” actor Bae Yong-Joon became an international star, now commanding a legion of non-Korean fans across Asia. In Japan, in particular, he created nothing less than a craze, earning the honorific nickname “Yonsama.” Although it has been quite a many years since “Winter Sonata,” Bae Yong-Joon’s popularity in Japan is still holding strong, if not actually growing. Wherever he goes in Japan, one can witness a crowd of Japanese fans crying out, “Ai Shiteru, Yonsama! (I love you, Yonsama!)”

On the occasion of “The Visit Korea Year,” this Bae Yong-Joon a.k.a. Yonsama starred in the TV advertisement to be aired in Japan, serving as Korea’s “Jeong (meaning “affection” or “emotional attachment” in Korean) Ambassador.”

The advertisement, themed around “Jeong,” portrays a scene where a beautiful hanbok-clad damsel offers to a handsome traveler in the mountain (of course, no other than our Yonsama) a bowl of crisp water with a willow leaf floating in it, so that the thirsty gentleman wouldn’t drink it too quickly, which could lead to chocking or some other unpleasant or painful experiences.

3 Themes 3 Videos the Korean tourism is trying to launch:It is not only for Japan that the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) created advertisements for. A total of three videos were made, strategically tailored according to regional differences in language and areas of interest.

Under the overarching theme “Korea, Inspiring,” the three videos target three different major regions – Europe and America, China and Southeast Asia, and Japan – with more specified themes of “Gi (Energy)”, “Heung (Excitement)”, and “Jeong (Affection)” for each region, respectively.

These “Visit Korea Year” promotional videos will be aired through major TV channels worldwide, including: NDTV of India, NTV and MBS of Japan, Peking TV and Shanghai TV of China among others.

Hope the videos will attract many, many people in the world to the beauties and wonders of Korea!

Well we can hope this time , the promotional theme will reachout every where. As for Indian, NDTV is one of the upcomming popular channel where most of the people watch news so hopefully Indians who are crazy after Korean product and nature can have look.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reaching out the Korean Soft Power : Through fashion

New York, London, Milano, Paris…..the mecca of the world fashion industry!

Amidst the festivities of “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” a world’s premier fashion event held from February 11 to 18 in New York, on “Concept Korea – Fashion Collective 2010” took place from February 12 to 14 at the New York Public Library.

The“Concept Korea” is an exclusive presentation featured 6 Korean fashion designers – Andy Kim and Debbie Yoon of ANDY & DEBB, Choon Moo Park of PARKCHOONMOO, Sung Wan Hong of ROLIAT, Doii Lee of DOII PARIS, JUUN.J, and Kuho Jung of KUHO – to represent and celebrate the animated, creative and ambitious design talent currently emerging out of South Korea.

At the party, one of the hottest Hallyu (Korean Wave) stars, Rain, who has been rising to fame worldwide with his recent Hollywood flick “Ninja Assassin,” gave his hit performances, “Bad Guy” and “It’s Raining.” Also, three-star Michelin chefs, Jean Georges and Da Silvano, presented diverse fusion Korean dishes inspired by hansik (traditional Korean cuisine).

The event was co-hosted by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Creative Content Agency in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). This partnership with the government is expected to give significant momentum to promoting Korean fashion, technology, and culture to the world.
The Koreans are not only good in producing technology and industrial equipment but also can produce the most fency things which can fascinate anyone starting from the celebrity to the normal people who are in the other part of the world . As Korean Government is trying to reach out the Hallyu phenomena through fashion this time and made it successfully.

Foreign Scholars Invited to Globalize Korean Studies : Initiative taken by Academy of Korean Studies, Korea

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is going to set up 50 centers in 27 countries over the next 10 years and expand grants for world-renowned scholars in their research.The new long-term project called "Laboratory for the Globalization of Korean Studies," which refers to basic research units that will enable top-notch scholars to conduct studies, in which a director and a small number of researchers collaborate.

It is part of the institute's efforts to uplift Korean Studies to the level of Chinese and Japanese studies.
The project is expected to not only yield academic achievements but also arouse wider interest in Korea on a long-term basis."The lab project will begin this year with 3 billion won investment and it will receive support from the academy for the next 10 years. It will see a growing number of grants each year because the current administration wants to use Korean Studies as a national brand," the vice president said.

AKS has already provided grants of some $100,000 annually per university to 17 institutes around the world since 2006 to better promote the image of Korea. But the project is a more intensive and in-depth development of overseas Korean Studies, aimed at creating a pool of specialists on the country.
Domestically, AKS is also providing education to both locals and foreign students. The Graduate School of Korean Studies, its subsidiary school, has produced some 1,000 graduates so far.
The numbers have increased from 77 in 2006 to 80 in 2008, and 91 - from 21 countries - of the total 200 students in 2010.The institution offers a selective and interdisciplinary education in Korean Studies in four divisions and 14 majors.
Not only the quantity but also the quality of applicants is getting better. The thesis topics are diverse with academically high value. Among the graduates, Debby Tung, from Taiwan and translator of Korean dramas such as "Jewel in the Palace," is a good example of cultural exchange with other countries. She is connecting the two countries through her translations.

Due to her help, the fifth World Congress for Korean Studies organized by the academy will take place from Oct. 25 to 28 in Taipei, Taiwan at the Chinese Culture University where she studied.
The academy will also reopen the Jangseogak Library, Joseon's archive home to the royal documents next year to help extend research on, and the collection of old manuscripts.
It encompasses over 100,000 classical texts, formerly held in the royal archives, along with tens of thousands of pieces from private collections. Some of the materials in the archives, such as the "Uigwe" (Joseon Kingdom Royal Protocols) and "Dongui-bogam" (The Great Compendium of Eastern Medicine) have earned worldwide recognition with their recent inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The academy was founded by the government on June 30, 1978 for the purpose of performing in-depth research into Korean culture. To achieve this aim, the institute has devoted itself to identifying and interpreting traditional Korean culture, defining the academic identity of Korean Studies, and cultivating scholars with a global perspective who will be indispensible in the 21st century.

SOURCE:Korea times

The Legendary ties between Korea-India : An enormous Culture which both Countries have.

When I start studying about Korea first time in India I encounter one of interesting legendary about The Mysterious country of India and The dynamic country of Korea. As we all know that Buddhism started from India and it has spread every where specially in the East Asian countries.But, unfortunately Buddhism has not able to flourish much in India where it was born. We learned about how a Buddhist monk went to the other part of the world to flourished the idea and philosophy of Buddhism. But one of the most intersting part was the legendary story of Ayodhya princess and the Korean King Suro.

That's how we started our Korean studies, it was very tactful and enthusiastic ways of our professor who introduced us in the very first day and proceed our classes on Korean history and society. I was so amazed by the story and the very next day i started exploring the internet to know more about the story. Because there was geographically distance from India to Korea and there are various country in between both the countries.

Anyway , the destiny has bring both the countries to have a connection somehow and it happened to be like these. Both the countires suffered from the big powerful countries like Japan and England. Both the countries has undergone from the various phases and come out as a winner. Both the countires acheived their freedom of the very same day i.e 15th August. And both the countries has seperated their parts and formed South Korea and North Korea on the otherhand India and Pakistan.

Above all these, India Korea started their political relation during the regin of Prime Minister Narsimha Rao.And became the first Prime Minister who visited Korea and make a strong ties in the field of political and trade relationship. And this year the President of Korea beame the guest of India's Republic day and signed some of the agreement between India and Korea for the progressive opportunities in the near future.

Today , again while having cultural discussion with other friends in my class the Korean teacher asked about the relationship between India and Korea, which has reminded me of date back of King Suro of Gaya Kingdom and his legendary story and how it developed India Korea ties.

Check this video to see the beautiful relationship between India and Korea

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mother nature and her own creation: Transgender

At this globalzation era we are trying to break through all kind of discrimination to get one kind of goal , to live together one another with peacefully ever after. But we all know that this is quite difficult , even though we are trying putting all our effort to acertain this Utopian idea into the reality.
There are few rare countries where Transgender are getting their own space and can live happily on the other hand in some countries which is supposed to be against the law.
I do not know what is right and wrong but everyone is born as a human being and have full right to live their own life freely ............than we do we have to discriminate the so called transgender....

I have taken this whole paragraph from the newspaper , as i find it quite interesting to upload here.

State native crowned 'Super Queen'
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 19, 2010 Emboldened from winning the country's first ever �V-Care Indian Super Queen', a beauty pageant of the transgender community, Laishram David alias Bobby is all set to carry out a motivation campaign to ameliorate the position of transgenders in native Manipur. On Sunday, Bobby (23) was crowned the Indian Super Queen by Bollywood icon Zeenat Aman at a glittering function witnessed and supported by a galaxy of celebrities at Mumbai, giving Bobby the free passage to join the prestigious transgender Miss Universe 2010. A hair stylist by profession and resident of Changangei Mayai Leikai here, Bobby saw off strong challenges from 11 other finalists from all the regions of the country through the ramp walk, talent showcase and Q & A rounds to lift the crown and prize money of Rs 10 lakh. Bobby's heartfelt answer to the final question on the Northeast region helped her clinch the crown. "I will go back and tell my friends and community members that there is space and opportunity for everyone, including those from the northeast in India," Bobby replied drawing the approval of both the audiences as well as the judges. The judges panel consisting of Zeenat Aman, actress Celina Jaitley, Asia-Pacific Transgender Network president Mama Kartini and Big Synergy director Anita Kaul Basu took 15 minutes to decide the ultimate winner and runners-up among the top five. They decided on the winner on the basis of talent, confidence, comfort with one's sexuality and individuality. The deadlock resulted in joint second runners-up position, which was shared by Ritu from Delhi and Aparna from Kolkata. They shared the second runners-up prize money of Rs five lakh. The first runner-up crown went to Rani from Jaipur along with Rs eight lakh. "I'm so happy to grab the title. It was a dream come true as I had dreamt to walk on the ramp, show my inner qualities to a huge audience'', said a soft-spoken Bobby said, adding � My whole family members, friends and well-wishers, who encouraged me all the way are the forces behind my success". Stating that along with the two first and second runner-up position holders have been shortlisted for this year's �Miss Transgender Universe', Bobby stressed on hard work to get the crown and break the gender barriers. Commenting on the society's perception towards transgender community in Manipur, Bobby who, finished pre-university course, said "comparing to some other States, our's is somewhat better. In the past, our community was looked down by the society and now such discriminatory attitude has been erased to a great extent". "Most of the young transgender living in the capital have come out and joined the professional mainstream by way of opening beauty saloons, while others join Shumang Leela (Manipur traditional court yard theatre) as artistes to act as female characters," Bobby said, while expressing desire to make all such people highly educated and become perfectionists in all fields. "With the cash award I got from the National competition, I'm contemplating to open a beauty saloon in Imphal and give employment to at least some unemployed transgender people," the winner said. Bobby also vowed that along with friends and transgender activists in Manipur campaigns would be carried out to ensure all members of the community boldly come out and pursue their dreams and career without fear.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring season has arrived in the month of February in Jawaharlal Nehru University,

On the eve of the North-East night at the campus itself students perfomed their traditional dance.

Inside the campus student goes for trekking

On the eve of christmas where JNU student organised advance christmass

JNU campus

The fusion of poppies in the lap of JNU

Spring , where JNU compound turn pink color

The university , which gives enormous freedom to its students to explore from political arena to the intellectual world.

Yellow seaon in the JNU campus

Spring season in the campus

One can explore the entire campus as there are various place which is so unique as a University.

Sometime, after succesfully organised a project or seminar teacher's organised small gathering to cheer up the student's.

The exchange student from Korea who visit frequently in their concern department in JNU .

Intellectual talks: Most of the time in JNU , with the related department always organised seminar, talk and exhibitions for the betterment of student.

The North-East Festival one of the most happening festival in JNU where , The seven sister state showchase their cultures.

One of the famous place in JNU where student climb up the rock to watch the legendary dome Qutub Minar from the far away distance. This is calle Parthasarathy Rock or PSR Rock

The dhaba culture, producing all kind of intellectual's and important discussion with one cup of chai,
A kind of freedom which we achieved from JNU is remarkable..........till today I am longing to be part of it again. No University can compare the amount of freedom student received in this University. I salute to you Jawaharlal Nehru University.
Well I am expecting to explore more here in Korea too, probably here too might be JNU like University . Student friendly, a platform for student...let's explore this Unknown Dynamic Country and make in Well Known Sparkling one..

Oh how can I forget those days , early morning with the sound of chripping birds , surrounding with the vogenvillia flower............the nostalgic of those moments hostel night, cultural night, food festival, debate culture....that's why we are still can feel , as a part of the JNU culture even if away from .......

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Role Model, My Hero: The person who drag me to be in South Korea.

The 16th president of South Korea,"Roh Moo-Hyun" one of the dynamic South Korean president whom i used to dream of meeting him but ubfortunately my dream has remain as a dream .........
I was so moved by his story, a simple but very powerful who became a shining star in the heart and mind of every Korean heart.
The immovable spirit who wins and shaped the image of Korea.
I salute to you Mr. President

This picture is not so clear as i have taken out from the newspaper, when i was at my university hostel in India.As I was so moved by his conduct, being a simple person who became a president of South Korea but his simplicity remain as the same . Right after he got retired from his post , he went back to his own village......this was really amazing for me not because once he was a big man but because of his conduct and simplicity.

The than demise South Korean president.

I was so excited and dreamt about visiting Korea someday and learn from them, my dream of meeting him remain as a dream but still I am not loosing hope. Because , I am right here and can see many things and to learn . Small but the capability to influence big countries. South Korea , one of the dynamic country in the world.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The power of Herbal and herbs

Black Basil Leaf , Most of the Indian consider as the sacred leaf and does prayer everyday and start their days. On the otherhand Basil leaf is quite good to healp in healing blisters, mouth alser, cough..etc

Rare Herbs which is found only in Manipur and manipuri loves enjoying the delicacies of such rare herbs as part of their meal item.



Yendem (Kelokesia)

Toning-Kok and Napakpi (well i have to find out the english name of these plants)

As there are people who loves eating vegetables rather than meat and somehow I also fall into this category.The funniest part is that right after I land down in Korea I have become almost vegetarian. Well this is quite challenging for me to survive with vegetables most of the time as most of my freinds prefer meat. And everytime when we discuss about food and culture, they always asked me "is it beacaue of religious ...?" nop, I do eat chicken sometime and I like fish. And the place where I have come from, prefer fish most of the time and most of the people like meat also. Eventhough, we eat all kind of seasonal vegetables which are quite rare in the other part of the world.

Well this could be my lack of knowledge to see the otherside of the world as recently I have acknowledge that most of the south east asian have similar food habits.

We the Urbanit n we love street culture..........comming soon..!

The Meitei's

The Meiteis are the majority ethnic group of Manipur, India, and because of this are sometimes referred to as Manipuris. The Meitei people are made up of seven clans, who trace their written history back to 33 A.D.
The Meitei society has shared with the nagas and kukis, the other two dominant communities settled mainly in the hills. The seven clans of the meiteis ruled in different principalities, mainly in the valley. The Meitei feudal Kingdom started at around 33 AD when King Pakhangba of the Ningthouja Dynasty or so called Sagei, united all the seven clans and ascended the throne.
The term Meitei now refers to four social groups now - the Meitei marup (believe in only Meitei culture and God), Meitei goura (believe in both Meitei and Hindu gods), the Meitei Brahmins (locally called Bamons) and the Meitei Muslims (called Meitei Pangal or just Pangal). All of them speak Meiteilon or the dailect as their mother-tongue.

The majority of the Meiteis follow Vaishnavite Hinduism, mixing it with their ancient Meitei religion, known as "Sanamahi or the Sanamahism". Although, most of the Meiteis view Sanamahi as a part of their livelihood. Vaishnavaism was made the state religion much later at around in 18th Century by King "Pamheiba" and it remained as that till the defeat of Manipur by the British in 1891. Close to one-fifth of the Meiteis follow Sanamahism,estimated from the 2001 Census where nearly 11% of the population of Manipur were catagorised under 'other ' religion.

On 14th of May, 1945, the Meitei Marup (Organisation of Meitei Body) was formed in Manipur, which led to the revival of Meetei traditional, cultures, scripts(Meitei Mayek), customary practices, and traditional religious ceremonies related to the Meitei society. Old beliefs and religious bindings were untied and the beliefs of emerging movement began to take their place.
According to the Sanamahi mythology, the Meiteis are the descendants of the Lord Pakhangba, one of the Son of the Meiteis Almighty God Sidabamapu, the creator of the Universe.
In the olden days men used to wear Khudei a short knee length wraped a round and for women phanek. But as time changed and people converted into vaishanavism and started contacting with other societies. They changed their dressing sense also and adapted with pheijom with printed called "khamenchatpa". And for women , phanek mayek naiba or masarai phanek with enaphi. As time pass by people started making such cloth in different fabric.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


.............Bow down towards one another when we meet someone who is either senior to us or the respected one. Kind of impressive culture Korea has been retaining. As we all have something or other value attach with our own roots but what made me so amazed is that, Korean are so homogenous when it comes the matter of Etiquette.
I still remember the day when i asked so surprisingly to my Indian professor about the Korean lifestyle, as he was narrating us how he spend his days in Seoul city with the Korean freinds.
There were many things which made us shocked as it was really different from our culture. Like asking question is the class which is not so popular in korean classes. Taking permission to meet the professors as well as for the attendence. Well these are the things which made identicle from one society to another society.

Well it was the day when my korean language teacher taught us the etiquette of having drinks together with the professor and how the students have to behave infron tof the professors as well as to the seniors. Initially some of the student including me were so surprised to know that the student can have drinks with the teacher, but when we go into deeper there was something which is quite good about the relationship between tht tacher and the student. Weall sometime it is depend on how we perceived but culture is after all culture and there is no harm in learn because this culture is very common in Korea.

But we were just wondering will it be possible to do so, but yes it is. There are various formalities which they maintain but when it comes to have party they all take part whole-heartedly. And especially for student it is a must to attend when the professor giving the treat. The word "khamsa-hapnida" "Swesong-hapnida" "Aniyeyo" these are are the common word which the korean yoused all the time and made it so polite to the listener that it can able to fixed the broken heart to agressive one also.
We all does these kind of etiquette, but not so regularly. But here it has become a compusion in daily basis, where one cannot get a change to get angry. I am glad to observe this culture here , as we can follow the manner of pleasing others by these kind of etiquette.

Yes ! I had a dream.........

Yes I had a dream before I came here, so many aspiration keeping all the flowery imagination right in front of me. Holding those wishes and dreams in my fist I start walking without acknowledging the other dark side of the story.
I hate to say the word repentent and remorse......but some time we human beings intend with such phases of circumstances that we never imagined, cannot escaped from such word . I know what is happening to me at present and I can predict little bit of the next as present moment will shape the future although we cannot imagine what will happen next.
As my father used to say "dream big" someday your big dream will take you to your destination, and still those words are lingering in my heart and mind. But , unfortunately my hope is dessiminating day by day as the flow is not going into the right direction.
I know , to reach the goal one needs to sacrifice many things. And some time we have to be tough to overcome certain phases which mostly made their heartache.I do not know what is next but I am preparing for the worst as things could be worser than what i ever thought but my heart is still filled with hopes and desire.
Is this called a life, or is this a part of my struggle. Well no one has escaped from the up and down phases of life, who knows my my condition is nothing comparable than someone's grief.
But I do beleive in myself and I know something good will turn out. This is how we mend out broken heart but still I am not broken and still I can fly. So why do I have to worry about and make the environment pollution. No .........
These are the phases which we all need to handle carefully and overcome smartly. And I know I have to be strong to handle this small small matter to become something big one as my father used to say "Dream Big" and I still follow that echo of my father's voice.

Me and my Journey of day to day life, with my Korean frens.

How to, yes one of my sub editor freind of The University Life called me up today as she wanted to get my writeup for the upcomming publication soon. As she and her collegues were trying so hard to wind-up soon.Cos, the session will be starting from March and we foreign student of IIE is going to get vacation of this particular period.

As she want me to have the photo session in the street with some facts related with the story which I have written on the article. So we went out at the Main gate of the university to chase the couples carrying handbags heheh , it was a bit strange and funny running after each and every couples to get take the pictures without letting them know that we are taking picture with them.

Ah, we passed that session once we realised that the battery of the camera was going low. We went back to their office and then ready for another session to go outside to have the dinner party. As one of their staff member graduated today so they were giving a kind of party.

Well it is fun to hangout with my new frens as we always try to communicate with the new version of Kong-english.And reached the spot where we are suppose to have the dinner. Well I am almost ready to have as I was starving but oops.................
I cannot as I do not eat pork.........

Well i have to be the observer of the day as I cannot order other things apart from cooked rice hehheheh......but it is really fun to have and be a part of the crowd cos they forget everything and focus on how they have to spend happily one another.

Today I had a nice time with them without having meal and enjoying their party.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Warm and Cosy in the chill Seoul City : when the birthday bash is in rocking..!

A moment to remember with all my classmates of Kunghee one year language course, on the day of Nanda my fren from Myanma r and Ammy Ron wife of my Mexican fren Ayax celebrating their birthday at Ayax place. I know this is gonna be a big memorable moment for all of us as we will be separting soon right after our class get over, as we all do not know where we will be landing. So guys let cheer up and treasure this precious moment of how we spend together like a naughty kids at the kinder garten school............I will misss you all but this picture will always refresh our mind.

Cake of the day before it got explode heheh !

Mixed and Match all kinda dishes

corean style of pose standing in front of the kamera (me and Eldor a fren from Kazak)

(Claudia from Chill, Nurul from Malaysia,Lita from Indonesia,Natasha from Russia and Monica from El Salvador)

Boyz pozing in front of the camera.(orhan from Turky, Ari from Indonesia, Ayax from Mexico and Eldor from Kazak)

Am writing the birthday wishes

Monika is posing in Honololo pose

Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeee

Ari busy writing something very seriously

How come this pic is here

"Ready to cut the cake"

"Twin birthday girl"

Finally everyone is there i guess, Ramiya from India, Nanda from Myanmar, Eldor from Kazak in first row
Second raw Natasha from Russia, Nurul from malaysia, Renuka from India,Lita from indonesia, Wnag Zi wa from China
Third raw Claudia from Chilli, Monica from Elsalvador,Ayax and His wife Ammy from Mexico n U.S
In Fourth rawAri from Indonesi and Orhan from Turkey.

Nanda and Ammy cekeberate their birthday on the same day at Ayax and Ammy's apartment at Guri. An unforgetable moment with freinds.........I will treasure this moment preciously.