Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring season has arrived in the month of February in Jawaharlal Nehru University,

On the eve of the North-East night at the campus itself students perfomed their traditional dance.

Inside the campus student goes for trekking

On the eve of christmas where JNU student organised advance christmass

JNU campus

The fusion of poppies in the lap of JNU

Spring , where JNU compound turn pink color

The university , which gives enormous freedom to its students to explore from political arena to the intellectual world.

Yellow seaon in the JNU campus

Spring season in the campus

One can explore the entire campus as there are various place which is so unique as a University.

Sometime, after succesfully organised a project or seminar teacher's organised small gathering to cheer up the student's.

The exchange student from Korea who visit frequently in their concern department in JNU .

Intellectual talks: Most of the time in JNU , with the related department always organised seminar, talk and exhibitions for the betterment of student.

The North-East Festival one of the most happening festival in JNU where , The seven sister state showchase their cultures.

One of the famous place in JNU where student climb up the rock to watch the legendary dome Qutub Minar from the far away distance. This is calle Parthasarathy Rock or PSR Rock

The dhaba culture, producing all kind of intellectual's and important discussion with one cup of chai,
A kind of freedom which we achieved from JNU is remarkable..........till today I am longing to be part of it again. No University can compare the amount of freedom student received in this University. I salute to you Jawaharlal Nehru University.
Well I am expecting to explore more here in Korea too, probably here too might be JNU like University . Student friendly, a platform for student...let's explore this Unknown Dynamic Country and make in Well Known Sparkling one..

Oh how can I forget those days , early morning with the sound of chripping birds , surrounding with the vogenvillia flower............the nostalgic of those moments hostel night, cultural night, food festival, debate culture....that's why we are still can feel , as a part of the JNU culture even if away from .......


Mi-kyung said...

Hi, this is PCNB (Presidential Council on Nation Branding). How have you been doing? Thanks for your blogging activities! We are planning a cultural tour sometime in March, so please keep your eyes out for the announcement. Also, we are going to make more frequent visits to your blog and check out your postings. So, make sure you keep up with your blogging. If you have any questions or messages for us, feel free to contact! ( / 02-2280-2778)

Yaisana Huidrom said...

Thank you so much , I will do that.

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