Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weekend Trip: This time at Myongdong one of the famous "Chicken & Hoff" Resturant.

This time we are planning for several places to visit but unfortunately nothing happen as some unavoidable circumstances oucred. Still then I happen to go with my faithful fren who always give me accompany in travelling. This is random selection because we start at very late hour otherwise we must have gone somewhere instead of Myongdong but this trip also happen to be very interesting trip and on the way back we come by taxi due to late.

In this resturant they serve chicken items with beer, be we both enjoy the chicken with water only, still then the taste is really good.

Not only this I encounter the road side korean chicken barbeacue which is good in taste ans cheaper in the price as well as ready to eat and easy available. One can get in the corner of every street in Korea.

Ready to eat and easy available, anywhere in the street corner of Korea.

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