Saturday, April 17, 2010

"BUK PU" beach of Pohang.

This time my weekend trip is not inside the Seoul but outside the Seoul. Pohang one of the famous city which is known world wise for the mother steel company POSCO (Pohang Steel Company).

But I explore something different which can gives us to take rest and take a pleasure with our near and dear one or with freiends too. Buk-Pu beach is one of the beautiful beach , it its not just a beach to see the sea waves but we can catch the glimpse of Pohang Steel Company from distance . Specially in the night time the view is so good that one should come and have a look then only can feel how beautiful the landscape is.

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Ganni said...

I want to go there some day maybe after admission thing is over... hehe
Your blog really nice! It's so bright and colorful! I love it!

btw, You went there after university fair in Daegu, right?