Monday, April 5, 2010

The Famous Moran Traditional Weekend Market: one of the unique market .

Hi, this time I got an opportunity to see the famous Moran Market . Well this market is very famous for its unusal cheaper price as well, for selling all kind of items from pulses to cloths which are difficult to find in an ordinary market of Korea.

Sea food items

Beautiful orchids, plants and flowers are also selling in the most lowest price. I myself purchased quite varities of orchids.

Ajuma's selling seaweeds and vegetables, please vegetable lovers as well as coriander lover visit once in this market you well be surprised to see all kind of korean traditional herbs as well as vegetable which are not visible in the local or e-marts.

Korean traditional medicines

I really love to explore this market seeing all these beautiful things under one place . Frens, please when you have time do visit the famous "Moran Seezang".


C. said...

Seeing a sea food made me mouth watering... look nice, look delicious... very good picture

Yaisana Huidrom said...

thank you ... i will post more good picture and will discover more hidden place of korea and will share with you all... thank you.

sarika said...

amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Eigi Blog said...

You miss one of the most important photo that you taken from Moran Market. I guess you know what I mean. You must mention about that photo

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