Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The philosophy behind the Korean Traditional Houses.

It is the fact that nature and socio-cultural background have been an important factors in shaping the Korean traditional house plan and furniture design. Specially the upper class houses of Chosun dynasty represent the best form of Korean traditional housing including the interior design, space planning and furniture, the colors and patterns, and the house style.

On the contrary, in this modern world specially in Korea, the number of suicide is increasing day by day due to overstress specially those who reside in the Urban city life. Among them most of all are The Korean actor and actresses.In this manner, one of the Korean guide and expert in Korean traditional housing have said that " those who had committed sucide been staying in Korean traditional house , they would not had been ended their life like that as the Korean traditional houses gives a kind of vibes that will motivate their inner feelings and give more pleasent and reason to live their life beautifully.

The story of Traditional Korean House: Traditional Korean house represents a comprehensive view of Traditional Korean homes, dealing with various form of cultural and philosophical framework from which architectural design and layout derived to the uniquely Korean aesthetic sensibilities which imbued life, color, and patterns into the furnishings and accessories. By incorporating the philosophies and lifestyles of the past, the interior spaces of traditional Korean House conveyed a sense of ease and comfort girded with strength of character. An understated charm imbued the near-empty appearance and beauty sprang from harmonizing into the whole the natural or nature-inspired shapes and colors and textures of unadorned spaces.

One of the most important and interesting point is that the Korean geographical and socio-cultural background and how they affected into the form of the Korean traditional house.

The general Korean perception that there should be a harmonious relationship among nature, people, and house, is reflected in the traditional houses of tile roofed or rice straw roofed houses in the Chosun Dynasty. The upper class, although possessing wealth and power, preferred to show their power and status in a simple and restrained life style rather than a luxurious and wasterful one. This was due to their philosophy in life to be in harmony with nature, avoiding complexity and greed.

According to the book called "Hanoak- Traditional Korean Homes","The Korean traditional house, which is derived from Korean philosophy of life, exhibits unique and apparently paradoxical characteristics that seem very "full", yet "empty" at the same time, and seem "weak" on the outside space shows a dynamic energy and balances, which is very unique, and which can not be found in any other country. This unique traditional house that has been formed through a long period of time possesses practicality and artistic beauty."


Anonymous said...

really very interesting facts.i likkd the impact of korean culture in their construction of house.its very rare to c the impact of culture in houses anywhere in the world.

Raj said...

Those houses look amazing. Do korean live in this house or such house are only for show....