Monday, April 26, 2010

Korean -Indian mixed and match combination food.

Chak-hou or the brown sticky rice is famous in Manipu and Manipuri people love this brown rice. Because the Chak-hou of Manipur has a unique flavour and color. It is rare to find in other place in India, except North-East region specially in Manipur. Because in India Basmati is famous which is quite contrary with the brown sticky rice of Manipur.

The Manipuri people eat Cak-hou during the festive season or in big fest,prepared as sweetdish and eat together with Kheer ( a kind of sweet dish prepared with white rice , milk , sugar, butter plus dry nuts like coconut, dry grapes and cashnut). We consider Chak-hou as one of the rare and rich food item.

In Korea, when I visit to various Sikdang or the small resturant run by the "Ajuma's" I frequently come across this rare brown color rice sreved as main item to eat with the sopu or curries. And I always surprised to see this rice and always reminded my home town "Chak-hou".

Chak-hou with Mangal Uti and Singju

Today when I go to my senior place again I got surprised by surprised. First they cooked Chak-hou as the main item to eat for our lunch plus another surprised which is the Utsoi or the tender baby bamboo cooked with dry peas which is known as Uti in our local name. One of the famous curry among the Meitei and Manipuri people.

And last surprised of the day is the Singju in our local name or in common it is one kind of salad mixed with raw leafy vegetable mixed with fremented fish paste with chilli and salt with seasme and dried peas powder.

Seasonal singju...

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Yolanda said...

Is there something similar to ngari in Korean food? If there is then please write the name. If I go to a korean supermarket I would then know what to ask for.

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