Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Korean Traditional Wooden Art Work

How artistic the Korean's are , this is mind blowing..who does not like beautiful things but how many of us really can take care of the artifects with acknowledging the value of those items. Let's have a look on these beautiful pictures. The more I go into deeper the more I fall in love .. this so called " Land of Morning Calm".

The hidden painting

This art symbolise various meaning related with the philosophy of human being and their life span.

Sometime we just keep remain silent to see the amazing creation of mother nature but today I am displaying here some of the Korean Traditional Art work which are still existing very strongly and people does really appreciate these valuable works.


M. Kamminthang said...

I like the traditional Korean house and their serene environment. They give a sense of solitude, warmth and coziness.

Anonymous said...

i loved it since i am from history background its rreally very fascinating.i likd it a lot every art has its unique hidden meaning.