Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Season view in Kyunghee University.

KYUNGHEE UNIVERSITY , The university which gives freedom to explore and extend the helping hands..

Kyunghee University is one of the best University in Seoul city. This university offers various subject as well as offer the languages course too. Right now I am persuing Korean language in this university.

The unique character of this university is that one can change their major while persuing the courses which is hardly applicable in any other universities and students are friendly and also can communicate in english too.

This university is one of the most beautiful university among the Korean universities in the Seoul city. Specially in the movie class they have filmed in this University. During the four season of Korea we can see the various changes in this university landscape. This time I am presenting some of the photograph of this year spring season in the campus.

Behind the library of the University


Mutia said...

I've been to your campus.. and I think the name of the university is not Kunghee but Kyunghee..
I thought you miss typed it, but when I read your other posts, you kept on writing with 'Kunghee', even in your profile. Hm, what's wrong with your 'y' key?? hehe.. i am just creally curious about it. :)

really nice blog anyway :)
keep on writing!

Mutia said...


Yaisana Huidrom said...

thanks for comment, i have done the correction

Mutia said...

see you on May 12 :)

Jepoi said...

Wow! Very beautiful. I can't wait to be there this Fall.

Jepoi said...

By the way, my name is Jeffrey. What do you mean by this: "The unique character of this university is that one can change their major while persuing the courses?"

Can I like change my major anytime without causing much trouble to my professors? What if I am under a scholarship?


Yaisana Huidrom said...

Well thanks for dropping here, ya you are asking about the changing major...well I have learned that you can changed the major which is somehow similar with the previous one or completely new one but does not mean one can change it...for that you need to consult with aouthority as well the concern departments.
Thank you

Mauricio Gobera said...

Hi, I am a Mexican architecture student.
I´m planing to study on Kyunghee university next year. I have no idea of how things are around there. I saw your pictures and it looks beautiful!
Please tell me more about it...