Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Korean Painting that can steal million's heart.

This week the university fair for the admission held at Keimung University, Daegu. This festival is specially meant for the students who comes through The Korean Government Scholarship Programe.

Keimung University

I attend the fair with my friends and get a chance to see the other universities which are in different places in Korea, well this is one of the showchase which is displayed by the government specially for we students who all comes from different countries.

But , above all these, I manage to skip the fair and take a tour around the Keimung University, specially the museum of the university and the campus is so awesome. Specially, the Korean painting which are in the library steal my heart. I am so excited to see these wonderful paintings and I manage to capture some of these valuable paintings which are preserving inside the Keimung University Museum. I bet these paintings are worth watching.

This University fair for admission is one of the unique culture of Korea, displaying the various university all over in Korea taking part of the fair and showcashing their own spreciality to offer different subjects where students can get the opportunity to select the best one to presue their career.

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