Friday, April 2, 2010

New Avatar of Korean Animation "Pucca" mania is uprising.

Most probably many of you must have come across a bit headlong character called “Pucca” in the animation world ina a very recent phenomena in animation world. She is receiving huge popularity in Europe and Asia since its creation in 200 by a South Korean company called, VOOZ co., Ltd.
Pucca is an 11-year old girl, daughter of Chinese noodle house owners, and her boyfriend “Garu” is a serious, hardworking boy deeply engaged in pursuing martial arts. The cute chemistry between the two is awesome.

Pucca originally debuted online as a series of flash-animated shorts and is known for its “silent comedy” factor, creating humor with almost no spoken words mixed with a strong universal theme of love.

2010 Pucca Exhibition is being held at the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) from March 10 to last through May 10.

The exhibition showcasing a collection of Pucca fashions ranging from clothes, bags, shoes to jewelry. This is a distinct leap from the usual character products that almost always consist of small little stationery items targeted at children. Now Pucca is seeking differentiation. It is knocking on the door to the grown-up world with fancy, high-fashion items.

One can visit the exhibitiona and have a look of Pucca world where fashionable accessories are available from all ranges.

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