Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's extend our helping hand and spread the message around the world

Expats Donate Blood to Save Korean

On March 16, 19-year-old Jeon Yoo-woon was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer which originates in the immune system.

The disease attacks the platelet in his blood, preventing it from clotting after a wound. With his platelet levels dangerously low, he desperately needs donations. However, his blood type is B Rh-negative, which is extremely rare in Koreans.

Donations were initially insufficient. But, over the past week, thanks to an Internet campaign launched by an expatriate, six donors stepped forward and four others are planning to donate.

I have been seeing the advertisement about this young youth who suffering from this serious sickness. Today again the Korea times, newspaper come into my bed and my eye again fall into the same advertisement. And finally I decided to do something..since, I am a student who is not going to be in much of helpful but at least I can spread the news to all my friends and blog reader.

Guys even if you cannot do anything but please do keep spread this message and let the young youth get enough of his requirements with god's grace.

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