Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colourful Korean Traditional Sweet dish

I saw numbers of Korean traditional sweet dish at Insadong , which is one of the best market to see the traditional stuff at South Korea in Seoul city. But this one is unique for me , as I haven't find at Insadong.

I find out somewhere away from Seoul city and steal my heart. The moment I see these items I just drool again and again only on in this very particular shop where they are selling these colorful sweet dishes ............I only can wow..

Colorful and well finishing and fine presentable..

Mouth watering Korean sewwt dish made by rice powders...

The colorful well wrapped with transparent plastic sea can buy as a present to gift someone..

These are a kind of gift package of sea food..I am so excited to see this colorful package of gift..I guess in korea gift culture is really popular when you visit someone's place and this gift is perfect for making a meal.


Raj said...

I can guess the name of the fish of the last pic: it is called "Rainbow fish" Isn't it? :-). Looks colourful

Yaisana Huidrom said...


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