Thursday, March 18, 2010

Koreans are supporting, the movement of Irom Chanu Sharmila who is fasting from several year to repeal the henonious act called Arm Forces Special Power Act.

Several Korean youth also demanding for the release of Irom Sharmila, in Seoul. The campaign is part of "From Gandhi to Sharmila". The participation of campaign comprises of labour activist from Indonesia, lawyer activist from Turkey and several Korean youth. From Gandhi to Sharmila campaign draws wider support amongst the youth in Korea.



Mangzamuan Thangkhal said...

Well done, dear human rights supporters! "Cultailing civil rights" on the pretext of "protecting democracy" or "national integrity" is Indian authorities act of attrocity towards the citizens..Down with the Draconian Law of AFSPA 1958!

Sanjit said...

Gud work

We are looking forward at Continuing the Campaign to support Iron Chanu Sharmila .. ..
Draconian, Colonial Law Arm forces special powers Act, 1958 (modified from 1942) should be Abolished .. ..

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