Monday, March 22, 2010

Exploring Seoul City Street : This time we discover the street vendor of Dongdaemun and the Himalayan Indian -Nepali Resturant

Every weekend I try to discoverthe hidden treasure of Seoul city. This time I happen to land down at Dongdaemun City, but this is not a shopping plaza but the wonder street where thing are so cheap and fancy to look at.

Dongdaemun Gate

Front side of the gate.

Dongdaemun street where things are selling in wholesell price.

Selling sea weeds at the vendor, one of the korean favourite item.

Korean local made colorful candy or "satang".

Selling soft toys at the wholesell rate.

At one of the florist shop in Dongdaemun

Momo for Indian and Mandu or Dumpling in Korean and English along with Indian Black Tea.

Himalayan Resturant

Ox Intestine fried with blood and sausage

Famous for Ox intestine and blood sausage item , one of the Korean favourite food item

My Myanmar fren , enjoying the flavour of Korean Ox intestine fried with sausage.


Raj said...

A metro-street in front of an old palace. Looks good....
Abt the foods, i wonder if they are tasty or not

Anonymous said...

Hey do u taste the "Ox intestine"...

Krishna said...

Hey local candy seems to be tasty.. how r they?

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