Friday, January 22, 2010

"Sajibu Cheiraoba" New year day of Manipuri specially among the "Meitei's"

Cheiraoba is the name of Meitei's New year day like the Sol Nal in Korean. The interesting part is that both the societies follow the lunar calender and according to the yearly lunar calender wise they observe the special day.
Cheiraoba is an important traditional festival of the Meiteis held in every house on the month of April or "Sajibu in Manipuri" every year.According to the lunar wise it always fall on the first day in the Month of Sajibu i,e April.

Ceiraoba is one of the biggest abd symbolic festival among the Meitei gropu. In other word it indicates strong mutual relationship between the household family members towards their own identity as well towards society.
I had been overthinking about writing something regarding the Cheiraoba, as we specially the youngster who had been staying away from home have been forgetting our own culture slowly due to the influence of the modernization as well as globalization.

But recently when I was looking in the internet I came across on einteresting article based on this particular festival . I think the article is quite interesting for us.

We can go through in this link and can have a look on the article

The person has written a book based on Ceiraoba too.
Festival of Manipur :: A book by N. Mangi Devi

Sajibu Cheiraoba
Meitei New Year Day

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