Monday, January 18, 2010

Korean Actors are mesmerising the South East Asian viewer's and across the boundary

The popularity of Hallyu throughout Asia, the Korean wave's influence is very much visible in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, spreading to India, the Middle East, Central Asia, Iran, Israel, Turkey and Russia. The Korean wave is quickly expanding beyond Asia through internet and other informalways and has a substantial presence in North, Central and South America, particularly in Chile, Mexico and Argentina, and is increasingly becoming popular in the United States. It is also gaining momentum in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, led by Hungary and Norway. It is gathering positive interest in North Africa, attracting a sizable niche audience in Egypt. Currently, the Korean wave is starting to hit the shores of the United Kingdom and Australia.

It has proved that Korean can influence the viewers not only in hardware but the softpower too. Earlier it was only technology who use to dominate but now with aura of colorful hally products is combining the potentiality of Korean ability to show the efficiency as well as comodity too woo the people.

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