Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indian food has been voted as the most popular International Cuisine in Seoul, Koreans are not aware of the other aspects of Indian culture

In day to day life here in Korea I have been experiencing several things which is quitedelightful to me.

Yesterday after a hectic travel from Suwon to Hoegi I took a nap for around 2 hours and then again I start getting redy for my another appointment with my dowmi "helper" to hangout in Itewan. We take a subway , reacher the Itewan, my dowmi was so excited as even if she is Korean she was never been in Itewan. For me it was 3 rd time after comming here in Seoul.
First of all we were trying to locate the nice resturant where both of us can have nice delicacies of Indian taste. On top of that Korean really like Indian food as well as my dowmi too really like it. She does not mind the spicyness of Indian achar, chooley and other varieties.

I took her to one of the Indian resturand which was already filled with lot's of Korean as well as other foreigners. There again I met my Indian senior and Junior who are in Yonsei University learning Korean language now.They were also very happy to see us moreover they were very excited to know about my Korean freinds fondness towards Indian food.
So we shared about our own cultural experiences and ahared to one another.

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