Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hallyu or New Korean Cultural wave in Indian North-East Region

Korean products have been playing an important role in each and every household. Specially the big cities are almost occupied by the Korean products and companies like Samsung, LG etc are the main players.
Many people appreciates the Korean companies and warmly welcome the products as well as accomodate freinldly in their daliy lives.
On the otherhand, korean cultural waves arestill unable to breakthrough the ceiling glass of an Indian audience and the popularity in the heart of the people due to the Indian Bollywood as Bollywood is the most movie producing in the world.
However, the most amazing loopholes can be seen in the northeast region of India. Where the Korean , Chinese and Japanese products are reigning in the market as well in the heart of the people instead of an Indian products.
Specially Korean cultural products like Korean drama , Korean movies and Korean music are playing an important role in the younger generations heart and mind.
In short, Manipur in the epicentre of Korean Hallyu impact. Now Manipur is representing a stronghold of Hallyu presence in India.
This reflects the Korean very much presence in the NorthEast region of India which can lead a bridge in making cultural relations between India and Korea.

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