Saturday, August 17, 2013

Samsung to Unveil 'Smartwatch' Next Month


An image circulating online purports to show Samsungs Galaxy Gear smartwatch. An image circulating online purports to show Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch.
Samsung Electronics will unveil its Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and a smartwatch dubbed Galaxy Gear at a junket in Berlin on Sept. 4.

Several purported pictures of the watch are already circulating on the Internet, but a spokesman said the firm has not made a final decision about the product launch.

The Galaxy Note 3 will go on sale soon after the event, but the watch will not. Asked by reporters on Wednesday whether Samsung plans to unveil the smartwatch, Shin Jong-kyun, the head of Samsung's mobile communications business, declined to answer.

But the company has submitted a patent application for the Galaxy Gear in the U.S. and Korea. According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Galaxy Gear looks like a wristwatch but can make phone calls and connect to the Internet. The body is made of metal, synthetic fiber and glass.

In 1999, Samsung was the first to unveil a watch-type mobile phone, but the novelty did not catch on.

The Galaxy Gear will compete with Apple's iWatch set for release on Sept. 10. Apple mobilized round 100 designers and product developers to make the iWatch and has already submitted patent applications in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the U.S.

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