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Feng shui tips for new year

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. At this time of the year, I usually get together with various groups of people and share fortune tips for a successful year. They expect to hear secrets for good luck in general, on top of reading their saju for a New Year, which is called “tojeongbigyeol (secret readings for the New Year)” in Korean.

Most of us plan something to close the past year and welcome the new year. We want to know what will bring good luck and dissolve bad luck. The good luck may vary by one’s own situation and wishes. Some may wish a healthy life, while others a wealthy one. Some may wish to pass an important examination and others a successful career. Therefore the prescriptions should be customized for individual’s wishes. However there are some feng shui tips that may apply to everybody universally. They may sound just a matter of course, nevertheless they are not practiced well for various reasons.

Your living and working spaces are the most important places where you get either positive or negative energy. They have a tendency to get cluttered easily as your mere act of living and working naturally create instant mess. Imagine that you are invited to someone else’s house. You can easily notice dirt or mess, while you cannot see it at your own home. Compare it with a hotel room. Consider how they are cleaned neatly for guests.

It is not easy to keep your rooms as clean and well-organized as hotel rooms. But I encourage you to keep your space as uncluttered as possible. You need to refresh your eyes as if you visit another’s’ house. Objectify your environment and examine the space and furniture whether little or large.

It is not only for sanitary reasons, but for your psychological and qi energy aspects. It is recommended to clear clutter every week. The year-end or New Year’s season is the best time to re-new your space. Don’t let unnecessary objects pile up. Feng shui, literally meaning wind and water, teaches how to circulate qi energy properly around you. Yin feng shui evaluates that of graves and yang feng shui your living place. But it doesn’t necessarily indicate only the location or interior of your house, business buildings or graves. Rearranging furniture or just clearing clutter can create more qi pathways. Anything, including dirt accumulated in the space may easily corrupt positive energy. A harmful energy can be created by old newspapers or magazines in the living room, or pairs of shoes in the door way. It can also be old utensils in your kitchen. Those littered in your house stealthily accumulate negative energy and emit a malicious influence on your daily life.

When you rearrange your furniture you must be aware of the qi flow inside the home. Move your eyes from piece to piece, from one room to another. It has a meandering character and flows as if people walk around at home. It moves slowly and makes fluent curves around the furniture from door to door. Blocking its pathways by any unnecessary objects is like blocking your luck in the life path. Also be aware of the edges of the furniture or corners. They can be barriers for qi flow. You may utilize a lamp or flower pots to round up the corners. If you have a chance to buy new furniture, rounded pieces are recommended.

Another important tip to improve energy is to organize your front door. The front door, bedroom and kitchen are the three most critical spaces to produce major fortune. Among them, the front door is a passage through which external qi is coming in and internal qi is going out. Shoes scattered in front of the door block the flow. They are obstacles for good fortune entering the home. Do not put any mirrors around the entrance as it reflects the energy and sends it away from the door.

Before the Lunar New Year, it is lucky to bring in a new object. It can be a set of furniture or a symbolic object like a vase, a cushion or a small ornament. If you know your saju and day master, you may purchase something lucky according to your fortune signs in one of the five element colors. It can be a wooden or glass object or something with water. The lucky element for your saju will enhance the better energy of your life. Most importantly, bringing in a new piece must be accompanied by the removal of an old one. Think about old stained cushions, or a scratched table and chairs. Chipped dishes cause bad luck, like broken energy. No matter how expensive they are, just throw them away. It is one of the most effective ways to discard bad luck.

In welcoming New Year’s energy, let the new day’s sunshine into your house as much as possible. Brightness generates yang energy. If your house has little sunlight, even electronic lights are useful if not with natural light. Investigate if there are any secluded areas. Light them as much as possible. It doesn’t have to be all day long. Utilize the best time of a day when you can get natural light depends on the direction of your house.

Leaving aside the feng shui luck, being aware of the qi environment around you is a valuable ritual to improve your fortune. Become aware where you are and renew the environment. This is the best way to wish for New Year’s fortune.

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The writer is the president of the Heavenly Garden, a saju research center in Korea, and the author of “Learning Four Pillars.”

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