Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bijou Thangjam reaches the Best top 50 Chef of India 2011 for Master Chef India 2

Name: Bijou Thangjam
Age: 25 yrs
Profession: Freelance Stylish cum Entrepreneur owns a T-shirt brand)
Location: Currently in Pune
Son of Thangjam Bijen and Thangjam Aruna from Khurai thangjam leikai, Imphal.

Bijou Thangjam

Bijou Thangjam was the only person from the entire Northeast India to have reached the Best top 50 Chef of India out of the lakhs who have registered for the MasterChef India Season 2. He cleared 4 rounds of audition and got to be in the top 12 but unfortunately for him and us, he was eliminated after that.

Even though he is not a part of the competition now, it is our pride that he has represented us in the competition and became one among the 50 Best Chefs of India. During his stay in the show, he tried to promote Manipuri Cuisines.

Bijou Thangjam at the TV show

Bijou is a Biotechnology graduate but works as a fashion consultant and stylish. Creativity is the word to define him and he uses it in every steps of his life. A great foodie and an explorer, who loves travelling and enjoy the local cuisines and cultures of every place where he travel, landed him in MC India 2.

Bijou started cooking at a very early age and no matter the result of his cooking, his mother encouraged him, taught him to be responsible and to be passionate in Life. She has always been his Inspiration.

Bijou will be participating in more shows and promoting our Manipuri Cuisines to the unknown world. We wish that his dedication and love for the food, and especially to promote our own Manipuri cuisines does not go in vain.

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Hi, Its nice to see my story over your Blog.. thank you for this...

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