Sunday, August 15, 2010

Neverending Love: My Korean language teacher's

" Let cherish and be cherished of what we have in our life, cos it is all about love an compassion that bind us from one another, from one culture to another culture "

When I am trying to dettach from anything I have become more attach with everything made by Korea. This is amazing in one way on the other hand this is making me very weak at my heart. Specially my language teachers, I thought we are just a simple student who comes and go in front of teachers as for them this has been part of their life. Because the teachers profession is to teach ans make the student understand and command over the given specific areas.

But after meeting my class teachers I have become so attach with them, they are such wonderful soul, for me it will be very difficult to seperate from them. Where ever I go I know there presence will be always there. The love , care and I do not know what made them so gentle.

As I am leaving soon to my home country, I have stoped attending classes but all of sudden to I get a call from the teacher who I respect and scared a lot. He was so kind and so tender, infact he was so worried about me. He talked to me so calm and tenderfully that makes my heart melt.

This semester is the last sememster, In this semester I made a teacher who are so good at teaching according to me. I can easily understand and can pick up so quickly. Inside my mind I keep on complaining to myself why didn't I met them before, again I consoled myself , maybe because this periods try to give you a message.

Whatever may be the consequences, but my heartfelt repsect is always to you my two beleoved teacher. I wish i can come again in the future and learn under you. I know I am unable to leave any goodmarked to you all and in Korea but I am carrying all your love, I am carrying back those moments I have spend with you all. I am carrying your outstanding values.

I engraved in my heart those days I have been spending here each and every small moments . I always liked to experience and know more about Korea and the korean culture. I will treasure always this handful precious experience and lift up my journey. I stongly beleive in myself that very soon I will come again .

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