Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's all about "Yanguu"

From fishing, rafting, cliff diving into cool freshwater, cycling through the nature trails of Dutayeon, to taking in some history of the Korean War with a visit to the Eulji Observation Post, where a breathtaking view of the famed Punch Bowl can be seen, Yanggu has something for everyone.

Yanggu is where people go to bring out their inner explorer, away from everyday amenities.

For many, there is that moment when you just want to jump into the mysteries that Mother Nature can throw at you.

This is what Yanggu is all about.

Situated in the center of the Korean Peninsula as the locals will tell you repeatedly, it is also nicknamed the “belly button of Korea.”

The most common roadside billboards you’ll drive past will be ones that loudly state “The country’s center” and “Korea’s center navel.”

Getting to Yanggu has become less of a hassle with the recently completed construction of a tunnel on the Gyeongchun Expressway that connects directly to Yanggu County.

Visitors are no longer required to hop on a boat from Paroho Lake to get there and it takes two and half hours from Seoul.

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