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Dokdo Island : Pride of Korean

Dokdo , the pride of Korean people. I used to hear about Dokdo and Jejudo a lot but Dokdo become one of my dream destination to visit since I joined East Asian Studies in Jawahrlal Nehru University. When we discuss about the foreign policy we used to dicuss a lot about the Korean assets.

Well we all know that Jejudo is one of the most favourite tourist spot but I have become more interested in Dokdo after watching and reading various articles and documentary on Dokdo.

And now my dream is fulfilled with the help of World Students in Korea and Ministry of Korean tourism, culture and sports. Recently they have organised a tour of East Coast specially for the International Students blogger in Korea.

Now let me tell you the facts about Dokdo Island of Korea:

Dokdo is the easternmost territory of Korea and situated 87.4km to the southeast of Ulleungdo Island and 216.8km to the east of Jukbeon of the East Coast. we can see Dokdo from Ulleungdo Island on a clear day.

Dokdo has been created by volcanic activities. It is not one island, but consists of two large islands named called Dongdo and Seodo and 89 small islands around them.

Dokdo is 187,554㎡ (Dongdo: 73,297㎡; Seodo: 88,740㎡; Other Islands: 25,517㎡) and is a government-owned land (owned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries).
The strait between Dongdo and Seodo is 151m in width, 330m in length, and about 10m in depth.
Dongdo: the south-eastern part of Dokdo, has most of the maritime facilities, including Manned Light House.Dongdo is 98.6m in height, 2.8km in ircumference, and 73,297㎡ in area. The longer side extends about 450m to northeast at a 60° grade and the center is a vertical hole that is depressed down to the surface of water.
Seodo: the northwestern part, is 168.5m in height, 2.6km in circumference, and 88,740㎡ in area.

Offshore Fish Tank of Dokdo: The biggest source of income is migratory fishes, such as salmon, trout, codfish, Alaskan Pollack, pacific saury, squid, and shark. When it is squid season in winter, squid gathering lights brightly light up the seas of Dokdo every night.
The underwater reefs grow much kelp, brown seaweed, spiny turban shells, and abalone and serve as an important source of income. According to the 1981 Study of Professor In Kyu Lee of Seoul National University Department of Botany:

Dokdo’s underwater vegetation is similar to those of the South Sea, Jejudo Island, other tropical regions of the Northern Hemisphere, and even the Mediterranean, but is very unique that it can be divided into a separate ecosystem.

Major Fishing Grounds of Dokdo Offshores : The offshores and Daehwa Bank of Ulleungdo Island and Dokdo are where cool and warm currents interchange and form great fishing grounds.

This place is the fishery base of the East Sea that is full of various species of seafood, including squid. The size of catch from this region determines the prices of seafood in Korean market.

Characteristics of Dokdo’s Fishing Grounds
- Clean waters
- Where cool and warm currents interchange
- Many species of seafood caught near Ulleungdo and Dokdo

People said that only 50 days are safe to go to Dokdo due to strong waves and heavy winds as well as bad weathers. Considering these I feel so lucky to visit Dokdo even if I and my other team mates were unable to land down there but we take a round and seen through naked eyes.

I feel proud to see those army and people who are still protecting the precious Dokdo, I salute to you all who have been staying there and giving soul to the desserted and lone Island.


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nice pic......i wish to be there

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Mangzamuan Thangkhal said...

Nice pictures...

A question on "Dokdo controversy" came in MPhil entrance exam here in JNU this year.

The claim made by Japan is due to the unfortunate Treaty of San Francisco of 1951, which failed to mention the transfer of Dokdo Island to Korea. Taking advantage of this, the colonialist Japan wants to make this small rocky island apart of their territory. The hidden agenda is the benefits they are to get in fishing and national security.

No doubt, Dokdo is apart of Korea historically. For Koreans, giving away this island will mean surendering apart their territory to their former colonizer. Its time that Japan realize their historical mistakes and start building better relationship with Korea. Claiming this island will only mean that Japan continues to show their colonial hunger...

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