Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A trip to Kyungju...

A road to Kyungju....quiet and flowery..such a good environment they have.

The Lord Buddha
This trip is going to be one of the most memorable trip in Korea with my 'SIKU-PAAN', before I go there , I heard from some frens and they told that its boring to be there and I also made a pre-conceive notion but, ultimately when I go there things were really really differnt...I see many things and get a chance to attend the advance Buddha's death anniversary..

Dragon-head roof..at the buddhist temple.

Giant drum inside the temple

The king of heaven...at the gate of Buddhist temple..

Not only this but we enjoyed with all the classmates from different countires who all come to Korea to learn the Korean language. We all have fun at the recreation time and get to know more about one another as well as with the teachers too..

Korean lunch palate...on the way from Seoul to Kyungju..

Heavy weight competition at the meantime of recreation hour

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