Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seoul City : City of happy life.

Seoul city the capital city of South Korea or (Republic of Korea) and one of the most crowded city in the world. Seoul city is the capital city over 10 million population. We can trace back the city from the Joseon Dynasty, during this period Seoul become a capital city i,e from 1394. Since then Seoul become an unprecedented global city where the 1986 Asian Games, the 1988 Summer Olympics, and the 2002 FIFA World Cup were hosted and the city is going to host the upcomming G-20 Summit 2010 on November and the Nuclear Security Summit in 2012.

Let’s have look into the quality of life of those living in Seoul.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government published the result of a survey on Seoul, conducted on 20,000 households (46,153 people aged over 15) and 2,500 foreign residents in October 2009. According to the survey, the degree of satisfaction the subjects felt for their “Health Condition” and “Financial Condition” was found out to be increasing year after year.

“Residential Environment” scored 5.90 points (out of 10.00), “Social Environment” 5.40, “Economic Environment” 5.08, and “Educational Environment” 4.95, indicating a bit of an increase compared to the previous year (2008). In terms of “Public Transportations,” too, there was an increase of satisfaction by 0.22 points, and the safety of the city was also found out to be rising annually.


The volume of donation from the Seoulites have been expanding since 2006 despite the tough financial conditions, and so having the participation rate in volunteer work, suggesting the culture of volunteerism is spreading in Seoul.

Let's hope more and more people will come visit Seoul city, a global city that doesn’t stop getting better! Let's hope this peaceful crime less city will host more and more people from different countries. Let this city will always shine like a brightest star.

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is it a recent photo of Gwanghwamun Plaza? Have the fountains returned there?

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