Monday, May 24, 2010

On the road side of Seoul Street

Last weekend , I had nice time being myself all alone wondering around the street do not know what to do as I was getting handful of time to be ....then I pack my bag insert the battery and I headed for unknown , unplan just simply..when I realised I was inside the subway..I got down at one station nearby from my place ...just freeking-out myself holding my heavy camera...thinking where to go and what to captured then I realised what about these .... have a look..!

One of my freaking day out with all these lovely memos.............

I end my day captured with this unusual beauty of mother nature...

Warm mild fragrance lotus tea of Korean

Nature's creation .......

How about this priceless smile...

Well this is not a lily but a water grown wind lily

Well I find it so cute to captured him my camera..but he was hinding under the table thinking no one won't able to see him

How about this.. then

Well this is not bad I guess

Another attempt

Then this white bunch of flowers

Trying to capture these purple buds

Second shoot..coloful hey...on the slop of the small hillock

My first shoot of the day was this small waterfall...

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DengKe He said...

it's a good exercise for you to go out with your big camera ;)

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