Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Trip to explore Korean cultural site.

We all gathered in front of the main library of our university where the bus was already waiting for us. This time, its more fun because the trip is only for the Korean Government Scholarship Students. So there was no hazzles. And I get to see some of my freinds whom I know from earlier. But the buses and the groups were classified according to the class wise.I was with my classmates, we left Seoul on the bus to Andong at around 8.30 a.m.
Initially I was thinking what all it could be and I really wanted to skip the trip but when I reached there it was so nice. Beacause I am able to experienced the Confucian school as well as the teaching methods and the philosophy of the Confucianism.
Due to lack of short schedule we were unable to explore more about the Village but I have learned that Andong is famous for many things.
Andong is known as the land of Yangban people also.
From there we go to our hotel where we had nice time having a game of throwing arrows in the recreation time then go back into our own respective rooms. We all freshen up and then have dinner together and go back into the room . There again we shared room with the other students from different countries . I think this is quite interesting because we get opportunity to meet another students from different countries and shared our culture and knowledge.
The next day we get up and go down into the hall where we practice the meditation class and learn the methods of Confucianism practice to relax ourself. Afterwards we all go to visit the musem where we learned about the script and the family clan system and the marriage practices as well as the traditional Korean society.
Then we go to the visit the Andong's special paper making factory as well as mask making store where we get the previledge to learn how to make a mask . We made our own mask and it was really fun to have within some few minutes.
I was so keen to see the paper design and how it makes as I had been hearing a lot about the uniqueness of Korean paper when i was in India. But today i get a chance to explore and feel it.
Wow, I just love and I really thanx for this trip because i learned many things about the Korean society as well as the hidden treasure of Korea. And I am looking forward to explore more and gain the knowlege and share to everyone who wants to know learn about Korean culture and the society.

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