Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmass is comming.and the marriage bell is ringing..

In my best freind wedding.............
Dear Kim I am still keeping those moments which we used to share only three of us..hope you remember those days.

Far away , away from home many many miles away . When I close my eyes and think of something about my frens and home town Christmass stikes me. Maybe because the 25 th of Dec is comming so near. I used to wish that someday I will attend my best freinds wedding and I will also take part and help her arrenging. But today am so away from her and came to know that she is going to get marry, I am so happy and thrill to hear but unfortunately am lying on the bed . Oh poor me , I will not able to attend your marriage but I can still count those momemts we used to shared together. I will treasure forever and ever those precious moments. You my best freind, I cross my finger and wishing for your happiness in this comming goodwill ocassions.

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