Thursday, December 17, 2009

Onal sey ga ori paan seob kaat , Today our class gets over..

One of the cute memory today we made with our loving teacher's after the class get's over.
Now we are in new level............!

With miss Aandong

Miss Aann

Miss Esther

Miss Kim Su Hee

We had nice lunch with the teachers at the Korean so called "Hakseng-Sikdang" aka Student Cafeteria..!


Dolendro Oinam said...

Yaisana i feel hungry

yaisana said...

hi..i ws jst google-ing my name gtn bored in d office ...n den ur blog caught my eyes...u sim 2 b hvn a nice tym out der,,,
With regards & best wishes..

Yaisana Yaikhom