Thursday, September 20, 2012

CNN made me world star: Psy

Korean rapper-singer Psy, who has jumped to worldwide stardom thanks to his hit single “Gangnam Style,”has expressed his thanks to cable news channel CNN.

In an interview with the station Wednesday in New York, he said CNN played a key role in helping him succeed, the Yonhap News Agency reported Thursday.

“I hope to express my thanks to CNN more than anything else,” Psy said in the interview. “Although it was some time ago, I could become a star as CNN first introduced me to the world.”

It is also reported that Psy expressed his thanks in an email to the producer of CNN in charge of Asia news early this month.

As one of the world’s influential broadcasters, CNN on Aug. 2 reported that “Gangnam Style” had attracted popularity worldwide.

At that time, CNN reported the music video topped 11 million views on YouTube in two weeks and said, “This is astounding.” The views hit the 100 million mark on Sept. 1, one month after the news aired.

“It’s Gangnam Style which is elegant at daytime but crazy at night,” Psy told a walk-in interview with CNN on Sept. 7, teaching the horse-riding dance to the reporter.

“When I first composed and choreographed the album, it was totally targeted at Koreans,” he said. “I never imagined that it would be loved throughout the world.”

When Psy introduced the horse-riding dance, the scene with the title “Psy teaches Gangnam Style” was put on the web site of CNN.

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