Sunday, July 18, 2010

Official symbol and website for the G20 Seoul Summit


The Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit (Chairman: SaKong Il) unveiled the official symbol for the G20 Seoul Summit, to be held on November 11-12, 2010.The symbol incorporates two images: the sun rising over the East Sea and a ‘Chung-sa-cho-rong’, a traditional Korean lantern with a red-and-blue silk shade. The Korean government will use the symbol in welcoming the leaders who will be participating in the G20 Seoul Summit.
Professional advisors worked with the G20 organizing committee to finalize the official symbol, based on a design chosen in a nationwide contest held April 5 - May 7. The original design was created by Jang Dae-young and entitled ‘Seoul’s Lantern (a Chung-sa-cho-rong)’. 2,279 Korean citizens submitted proposals for the contest, designed to raise awareness of the upcoming summit.

“This official symbol represents Korea’s commitment to furthering the work of the G20, and helping to guide the world economy beyond the financial crisis,” said Dr. Sakong Il, Chairman of the Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit.The G20 Summit Committee has also launched its official website, in Korean and English, The website offers the most up-to-date news on the summit process, as well as background information on past summits and related topics.

‘Chung-sa-cho-rong’ is a traditional Korean image, known to add light in the dark and act as a guide to the right path; it further symbolizes a host’s thoughtfulness in welcoming guests. The 20 rays of light reaching out from the center of the ‘Chung-sa-cho-rong’ represent the sun rising in the East Sea. In the context of the G20, it can be seen as representing economic growth enhanced by greater global cooperation.

‘Chung-sa-cho-rong’ encapsulates the balance between yin and yang, and harmony and cooperation between advanced and emerging economies. The lantern is meant to underscore Seoul’s goals for the summit, including actively incorporating the voices of non-G20 countries into the G20 process.
The symbol will be used in official documents, promotional materials, badges, and business cards as well other related items.

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