Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amazing Castle of Jinju : precious asset of Korean Treasure


The Siege of Jinju was one of two battles during the Japanese invasions of Korea, the first in 1592, and the second in 1593. The first battle of Jinju along with the Battle of Hansan Island and the Battle of Haengju are regarded as the three most important battles of the war. The second battle of Jinju was not as successful, and it fell to the Japanese.

Jinju castle was an important castle that guarded Jeolla province. Ukita Hideie and Hosokawa Tadaoki agreed on taking Jinju castle because if the Japanese captured it, it would open up a new road to Jeolla, and they would be able to attack Gwak Jaeu's guerilla forces hiding in the area. Jeolla was also place for plenty of loot. Ukita also agreed to recapture Changwon, a small fortress that led to Jinju castle. Therefore, an army of 30,000 men to recapture Changwon and Jinju set out.

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