Thursday, July 22, 2010

A midsummer night's dream in the city: Seoul Plaza sizzles with arts and culture

Seoul Plaza is easily associated with a multitude of ``Red Devil'' football fans who gathered there to watch the World Cup games.Now that the games in South Africa are over, however, the square is now host to a variety of arts events. The top notch outdoor stage rivals those seen in overseas opera festivals. Moreover, these open-air evening performances provide a sweet break from the daily grind.

Here, no one has to worry about securing tickets. All performances are free of charge and the large stretch of grass invites all passersby to sit down. Any spot on the green is VIP-worthy.

The clientele is diverse, from workers making a stop on their way home to tourists passing by and families that traveled from afar to take in a show.

For the fourth year, opera, musical, traditional Korean music, pop, classical and dance performances are taking place. The stage invites not only professional artists but amateurs as well to share their work.

The program varies by the day of the week, catering to a diverse range of crowds.

July's program features a special stage work by the National Theater of Korea, as well as ``pansori'' (Korean opera), folk songs and world music concerts ranging from African to South American repertoires.

In August, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Seoul Pops Orchestra and other ensembles will take the stage, while various jazz artists are lined up for September. In October, the venue will become a feast for rock'n'roll.

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Source :The Korea times

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