Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fusion music band to hold concert at SAC

The fusion “gukak” (Korean traditional music) group Gong Myoung will perform at the Jayu Theater in the Seoul Arts Center (SAC) from July 21 to 25.

Gong Myoung means resonance in English and the band mostly uses a variety of traditional percussion and wind instruments made of bamboo.

The group consists of four men ― Song Kyoung-kun (daegeum or Korean woodwind instrument), Lim Yong-ju (buk or traditional percussion), Park Seung-won (piri or woodwind instrument) and Kang Sun-il (janggu or traditional hour-glass shaped percussion).

Song generally leads the melody with calm and soft sounds. A “daegeum” is a Korean woodwind instrument which is made of bamboo and played like a flute. Lim plays the “buk,” a Korean drum. This adds a dynamic and rhythmical power to the music.

Park plays the “piri” which is another Korean woodwind instrument and played like a recorder. He also plays the recorder and guitar and takes the lead for the melody. Kang plays the “janggu,” a Korean drum which leads the rhythm section.
They blend genres and cultures playing more than 30 musical instruments, including both Korean and other instruments, such as shakers, timbales, bar chimes, guiros and bara drums.

Titled “Space Bamboo,” the upcoming concert will be comprised of pieces including “White Moon,” “Spring,” “ Plateau,” “Bamboo Bamboo,” “Siem Reap” and “Brushing on the Sky.”

The tickets for the concert start from the range of 25,000 won for students and 35,000 won for adults. For more information about the band, visit www.gongmyoung.co.kr.

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