Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In search of Korean Korea itself

What are the joys of travelling specially when you are in the new place? Well for , I just love to be a part of that new environment where I visit, because that gives a different taste and the taste makes more tastier when it comes with food.

Okay, there is beautiful scenery, meeting strangers in unfamiliar places, the relaxing train rides…but I would say “food” definitely tops the list because that will fulfill our stomach as well as strengthen when we are in the voyage.

When it comes to travelling around Korea, be sure to remember that each and every region of Korea boasts its own unique characteristics, and that is non other than the food.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) began its “Korea Gusuk Gusuk 2010 (Nook and Cranny of Korea 2010)” campaign. It’s a sequel to the 2006/2007’s “Where Is It Here?” campaign, and 2008’s “That Spot in That Movie & Drama,” and 2009’s “Live Learning for Children.”

Specially this rice wrapped with the lotus leaf reminds me of my very own home-town food specially on the ocassion of Ratha Yatra festival or the so called "kang -Chingba " in our local terms.
I wonder what would be the taste of this Korean rice but I know my home-town "Kichdi", awesome taste with divine flavour added by other side dishes or the items to eat along with the rice.

The campaign features :

“Boiled rice wrapped with lotus leaves” of Gyeonggi-do Gimpo region
“Clam stew” of Jeollabuk-do Buan region
“Boiled bamboo shoots” of Jeollanam-do Damyang region
“Olchaengi guksu (noodles made from dried corn flour)” of Gangwon-do Jeongseon region
“Heotjesabab (a type of bibimbap) of Gyeongsangbuk-do Andong region

….among other numerous regional dishes of Korea.

These advertisement videos will be aired seasonally in the S/S and F/W categories.

One more stuff which always instigate me to go for hunting in each and every "Korean so called santhong -sizang" to look for the tender bamboo shoot as we does eat but in different ways...

Sometime I just wonder of seeing all these unique similarities between "Mine n Them"..
Friends , those who are in Korea please enjoy all these above given delicacies , I am sure you all gonna love these.
And I am sure , those who are away from Korea will love to read this article ans will enjoy reading and watching the pictures of these delightful mouthwatering eatables..


Raj said...

The food seems to be tasty.. but i like the presentation of the food more... They look charming...

Raj said...

The food seems to be tasty.. but i like the presentation of the food more... They look charming...

C. said...

Nice pic, its a mouthwatering dishes...

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