Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 WORLD CUP : Korean Factor

The whole country is wild with gaga over the 2010 World Cup.Here in Korea, even if I am not a football fan it’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement. About 2 million people are expected to pour out into the main streets, with city authorities only too eager to add to the mood with big projection screens, outdoor concerts and performances.


The Korean national team had its first match against Greece today and South Korean win the match over 2-0 from Greece.

Seoul Plaza and Cheonggye Plaza, the first of which has been the center of street cheering since the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, wide open to the public again on the 12th, 17th, 23rd, the opening date for the Final 16 matches and any other days that the Korean team will play. Olympic Stadium in Songpa-gu, Jamsil will open its doors on the 12th, 17th and 23rd and broadcast the match live. World Cup Park in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu district, where the 2nd Seoul Camping Festival will take place on June 12 and 13 will offer a space for cheering as well. The same goes for northern Seoul Dream Forest in Beon-dong, Gangbuk-gu district on June 12.

Other places for massive group cheering during the same period are the COEX Mall and Yangjae-cheon Yeongdong 6-gyo bridge in Gangnam-gu district on the 12th; Gangbyeon Techno Mart in Gwangjin-gu district on the 12th and 17th; Yangcheon Park (12th) and Shinwol Geunrin Park (17th) in Yangcheon-gu; Nowon Culture Street in Nowon-gu; Wangshimni Mijayeoksa Plaza in Seongdong-gu; and Garden 5, a giant shopping and leisure center in Songpa-gu on the 12th; Iljasan Jandi Square on the 12th in Gangdong-gu and the schoolyard of Bulgwang Middle School on the 17th .


The 2010 slogan for the Red Devils cheer squad is “Shouts of Reds, United Korea” and people can count on the scale of their cheering! The Red Devils Committee has already distributed to its members the trademark red T-shirts, trumpets and other equipment suitable for street cheering.

Today I was so amazed with to see the deserted street of Seoul city whereas on the otherhand people were crazy over the match clubbing together sticking infront of the LCD screen every where...
and I myself felt as if I am also there right infront of the stadium where they were playing the match...gosh people in the street walk down wearing red t-shirt cheering the "Red Devils" ...WOW DEHAN MIGUK...WOW...I AM SO THRILLED TO BE A PART OF THIS CROWD..THIS IS SO DIFFERENT...WHICH I NEVER FELT BEFORE..

Let cheer up the Korean Red Devil..and be a part of it...

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Raj said...

Would really love to cheer with those 3 gals especially the 2 from the right... :-)

Eun-kyeong said...

Lenuka, Did you go '광화문' yesterday? There were many passionate red people to cheer Korea team (although it rained a lot.) I hope you will enjoy cheering culture during World Cup season. Next game will be on next Thursday (vs Argentina). The only thing you need is just red shirts ? kkkkk. I hope you enjoy a lot ! Take care. (From. Eun-Kyeong)

C. said...

My World Cup is not coming yet.. it will come in India next year.. the Gentleman Game of Cricket...

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