Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(Yonhap Feature) S. Korean bloggers going through growing pains

Lee Jae-geon didn't mean to become a "power blogger." He rather fell into it, like many in his blogging community. It was about seven years ago, following his army stint, when Lee became interested in cooking and began a small Cyworld blog posting his own recipes. After some time, Cyworld dismantled their blog-service, so Lee moved onto Naver and now he runs blogs on eight separate blog platforms.

Lee, or better known by his blogger handle "Misangyu," makes a living as a freelance food columnist, cooking instructor and writer, in part due to his years of experience as a power blogger. But recently, Misangyu discovered he was being rerferred to as something else: "power broker."
The term "power broker" was coined by the Korean media in response to the BabyRose scandal that broke this past summer. BabyRose is the "wife-logger" ID of 46-year-old Hyun Jin-heui who used to run one of the most popular blogs in Korea, with over 59 million recorded visits and 130,906 subscribers. Her blog has since shut down with a single post of apology to her readers.

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