Friday, November 25, 2011

Samgyeopsal Leads Foreigners' Favorite Seoul Food

Foreigners' favorite Korean food is samgyeopsal or Korean-style bacon, according to a straw poll by the Seoul Metropolitan Government of 1,984 foreigners on its website and Facebook. The city on Monday said samgyeopsal received the most votes with 558.

Second place went to dishes made with kimchi like stew and soup with 328 votes, and tteokbokki, the popular street snack made of rice cakes and spicy chili paste, came third with 313 votes. Next were bibimbap (rice with assorted vegetables) with 231 and samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup) with 172 votes, galbi (grilled beef ribs) with 76 and naengmyeon (cold noodles) with 43. Bossam (kimchi or lettuce wraps with steamed pork) with 42 votes, pork galbi (ribs) with 34 and gimbap (rice wrapped in seaweed) with 32 brought up the rear.

Samgyeopsal ranked second among respondents from America and Japan, but had a great deal of Chinese support.

Bae Hyung-woo of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said although one might think that doenjang jjigae or soybeen paste stew would be unpopular among westerners due to its strong flavor and smell, the survey results proved differently. "The popularity of Seoul's unique street food such as sundae [blood sausage] and hotteok [sweet pancakes] went up as well," he added.

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